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Hansel and Gretel were well and truly lost. They walked and walked, till suddenly they came upon a strange cottage in the middle of a glade. "This is chocolate!" gasped Hansel as he broke a lump of plaster from the wall. "And this is icing!" exclaimed Gretel, putting another piece of wall in her mouth.She had never tasted anything so nice. They were just about to try a piece of the biscuit door when it quietly swung open. "Well, well" said an old woman, peering out with a crafty look. "And haven't you children a sweet tooth?" "Come in! Come in, you've nothing to fear!"
I would prefer Swiss Otel's Gringer Bread House. First, it is more safe :) and it is also made with 300kg flour, 110kg honey, 200kg sugar, 20kg egg....and many other delicious ingredients. A big applause to the pastry chef.....yummy :)))

*Geçtiğimiz cumartesi günü arkadaşlarımla Swiss Otel'e yemeğe gittik. Yemek fotoları bir iki gün içinde geliyor ama öncesinde Swiss Otel'in büyüleyici yılbaşı atmosferini paylaşmak istedim. Hansel ve Gretel'in kurabiye evini görünce eksikliğini hissettiğim yeni yıl coşkusu biranda beni sarıverdi :P Yeni yıl ağacını süsleme vakti, keşke cadının evinden birkaç dekoratif kurabiye yürütseydim....

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mademoiselle mode dedi ki...

So cute !!
I love Xmas time :)

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Adsız dedi ki...

I love xmas time too :) Especially charming ornaments!

By the way, thank you for visiting my website :) And thank you for sharing your own..

Margaret Cruzemark dedi ki...

This post has so unique christmas pictures!!!Totally adore!!!
Best Regards
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

Belle Amie dedi ki...

oooovvv, ben onu simdi baslasam, yeni yila kadar bitrebilirmiyim acaba ... Dusunmedimde degil :D
sevgiler tatlim

kuti dedi ki...

waow.. i think i wont eat it. cause too cute. :D